Karl Road Apartments

New boilers with new controls communicating through Modbus open communications.  These two boilers replace the original existing single boiler.  The new boilers are much more efficient and one is managing to heat the building.  With these new boilers, Distinctive Integrations, LLC has been hired as the buildings virtual engineer.  With the automation and monitoring, Distinctive Integrations, LLC is capable to save the client money in maintenance while still providing their client with proper temperatures and reliability.

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Distinctive Integrations, LLC is dedicated to improving your operations and reducing operating costs. Sustainable design and energy efficient practices are at Distinctive Integrations’ core and we are passionate about finding the best solution for your unique facilities. 

During a performance program, we not only review HVAC and plumbing equipment, but also lighting, automation, electrical and building envelope systems. These programs allow building owners the flexibility to create a multi-year plan—even if funding is a challenge. There are many new financial and funding mechanisms available to building owners. Our team will work to secure assistance through grant provisions, tax credits, utility loan funds and Department of Energy resources. One of our specialists can help you determine the best funding options for your project. 


Distinctive Integrations, LLC will works with you to:

Analyze energy consumption, cost patterns, and future consumption trends of your facilities and provide insight on short and long term improvement opportunities.

HVAC Installation

Equipment changes can occur as part of a growth strategy or they can be the result of an emergency situation. No matter the reason, Distinctive Integrations, LLC will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current system followed by the most cost- and energy-efficient options to upgrade your facility’s mechanical equipment.

If your requirements go beyond direct replacement of your mechanical systems, we offer complete design build services for renovations, building additions, the re-purposing of a space or the adjustment of comfort levels through modification of the original design. We bring innovation and a resourceful approach to your design-build and design-assist projects, whether it’s a new system, expansion or retrofit.

We balance your business objectives and building goals with our innovative design approach to improve the lifecycle of your building. Our goal is to always empower you to make the best informed decision by offering recommended options for lowest first cost or lowest life cycle cost.

Single source responsibility – we manage your project from start to finish.

Building Automation/Controls

Your facility has specific control needs and Distinctive Integrations, LLC has the knowledge and experience in mechanical systems, electrical systems and processes that allow us to determine the best application for each and the ability to use integration for better control and operations of all the functions of your building. Since we represent several systems and have knowledge of many, we can develop the customized solution you’re looking for.

New Construction/Design Build
Retrofit Control Projects
Programming /Upgrades
Control System Design and Optimization
Building Automation System (BAS) Needs Assessment
System Integration
Network Design and Implementation
Alarm Routing and response
Operator Training
DDC/Open Protocol System Development
Remote Systems Monitoring, Logging and Diagnostics
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